About us

About us


Arvigo S.r.l. is the world leader in the design, manufacturing and assistance of marine instruments and flexible remote mechanical control valves.

Our Customers know that they can rely on our over 60 years of expertise.

The expertise of our technical team and the  use of advanced programs enables us to manufacture :



  • Rudder Angle,   indicators of rudder position
  • Trim,  indicators of flap position
  • Propeller Shaft and Pitch Control Indicators
  • Speedmeters, RPM indicators for diesel engines, turbines and propeller shaft
  • Rudder Remote Control, Steering control System of Rudder position
  • Integrated Steering Gear Systems

​All equipments for naval use are manufactured according to TYPE APPROVAL and MED Requirements ( with Certificatation issued by Rina Services S.p.A. ) ;  for the use on military ships our Systems are made, if requested, in anti-shock and anti-vibration version in compliance with MIL-STD-167-1 and MIL-S-901D



  • Mechanical Rudder Angle,  for the indication of rudder position also with ship in black-out situation
  • Flexible Remote Reach Rods ARGOMETER,  for mechanical control valves.  The Flexible Remote Reach Rods with torque and axial rotating cable are characterized by the product's high quality and their installation's facility, especially in restricted spaces


Our wide range of products provides for standardized products and custom made products according to our client's requests  and  from the signing of the contract to the delivery and installation of the finished product our team acts as a partner to the client with trasparent and flexible approach, always available to offer advice to achieve the best solutions .

The undisputed prestige of materials combined with the reliability of the products are the Arvigo's strong points.