Our History

Our History


Arvigo S.r.l. was created over 60 years ago and since then designs and manufactures auxiliary systems in the naval, military, merchant and yachting field with its  brand ARGOMETER®.

The beginnings were seen between 1925 and 1930 when  the Founder, Alfredo Arvigo, starts this activity while he is still employed at Marconi, providing assistance to the Systems of Società Italia di Navigazione.

Then he opens, in Genoa historical centre, a small workshop of radio naval repairs that has been destroyed during the bombings of World War II.

In 1950s the founder's son , Vittorio Arvigo, starts to work at the laboratory  and he  inaugurates with his wife the birth of the individual Company called " Vittorio Arvigo", still providing assitance for the repair of electronic instruments and starting, at the same time, the manufacturing of the first ARGOMETER® marine instruments.

From 1975, because of the crisis in the repair field, Arvigo develops the production of Naval Auxiliary Systems that installs on Patrol Vessels of Italian Financial Guard  -     " Meattini" and " Zara" Class -   , on Corvette of Italian Navy - "Minerva" Class -  on  Destroyers of Italian Navy -  " Durand De La Penne" Class  -   and on  the Minehunters built from Intermarine Shipyard for Italian , Nigerian, Malaysian  and Australian Navy.

In addition to the production, the Company takes care of the periodic maintenance of the Systems installed on board and  the training courses for Crew and Base Maintainers.

From the Company's laboratory come out the Propeller Revolution Indicator of submarine called " Nazario Sauro"  , today a wonderful open-air museum in front of  Museo del Mare.

The New Millenium has been marked by important news : the trasformation into Arvigo S.a.s. , the entry of new partners and the change of the business name from Sas to S.r.l..

Today Arvigo S.r.l. means knowing how to face every day new challanges, in order to guarantee a superior technical and qualitative support to the historical customers and to those that will be.

The quality and the finishing touches are our trade mark!