Sales and warranty conditions

Sales and warranty conditions

These Supply General Terms and Conditions, when not derogated by specific written agreement between the parties, apply to all orders received and accepted by Arvigo S.r.l., and account for an integral part of the same.

1. Product features

The Purchaser, by formulating the purchase order acknowledges to have carefully examined the technical, functional and aesthetic features of ordered products and to consider them suitable for the use it intends, directly or indirectly, assign to them.
It commits itself not to carry out any change on the product and to comply with its correct use conditions.

2. Orders and orders confirmations

The Purchaser’s orders shall mention the exact mentioning of ordered assets with reference to possible products code, the quantity, the unit and total price, terms of payment and the destination site and possible delivery instructions.
The order shall be considered accepted by the Supplier when the Purchase Order Confirmation is sent by the Supplier to the Purchaser.

3. Prices

Prices of the assets shall be identified in the offer and in the order confirmation and, unless otherwise identified, they are considered to be denominated in Euros, net of VAT, and including packing suitable for shipment. Shipment costs, when not otherwise identified, are always considered excluded and must be paid by Purchaser.
Prices do not include, in any case, customs duties, charges, taxes for exportation and similar burdens.

4. Payments

The payment of the products price shall be carried out by the Purchaser to the current account from time to time identified by the Supplier and according to terms and conditions identified in the order confirmation.
In case of payment delay with respect to terms identified in the invoice, the Purchaser, without need of formal notice, shall charge the default interests at the current range envisaged by L.D. 231/2002.
Until full payment of arrears, Arvigo S.r.l. can suspend meeting ongoing orders without any penality.


5. Transport and delivery

The goods always traver at Purchaser’s risk, also in case of delivery free at destination.
When not otherwise identified, the delivery is considered Ex Works - Arvigo S.r.l. Site of Genova.
Delivery terms, when not expressly identified as essential, are always considered as reference.

6. Supplies complaints

Possible complaints on the quantity, integrity and possible defects in delivered products shalll be however notified to Arvigo S.r.l. in written form within eight days from delivery.
Possible anomalies in the delivered assets quantities compared to the order shall not give the right to resolve the contract or to suspend payments, but only to the supply integration with missing assets.

7. Warranty

Unless otherwise stated , the warranty shall have a term of 24 months from delivery date.
The warranty shall not be applicable in case the following are acknowledged :

- Project, dimensioning errors made by the customer
- Assembly errors
- Error in product storage, preservation and maintenance methods.
- Tampering or direct attempts to repair or change the product
- Delayed intervention to limit the consequences of possible product running anomalies

The warranty will exclusively be applicable to products directly purchased from Arvigo S.r.l.
Any technical intervention on board requested in warranty period, in case of the Naval Unit is docked in National Ports, will be at the expense of Arvigo S.r.l.
The technical intervention on board in warranty period, out of National Ports, will be at the expense of Arvigo Srl with the exception of traveling cost and board & lodging which must be refunded at the cost, by paper documentation

8. Contract liability

In no case the Arvigo S.r.l. will be liable for damages to people or things deriving from the supplied product use.
The liability shall not be extended in any case to indirect damages, not expectable and however for circumstances other than those the warranty can be applied to.

9. Improvements

The Arvigo S.r.l. reserves the right to carry out possible implementations and or technical and /or esthetical improvements, without altering the supplied goods essential features and their usability according to specifications mentioned in the order, and which make its operation safer and easier.
Such new characteristics shall not give rise to the supply contract discharge.

10. Confidentiality

The Purchaser commits to keep any and all information or technical data relating to purchased product, their operation or use, as well as any administration or commercial information relating to the assets sale contract ( price, terms of payment , warranty etc… ) confidential and not to disclose them to third parties, when this is not strictly necessary for the legal use of purchased assets.

11. Industrial and intellectual property

The purchase of products and their direct or indirect use shall not give rise to any transfer for the purchaser of any industrial property right on sold products, which shall remain the Arvigo’s right.

12. Competent courts

The exclusive competence for any dispute deriving from the supply relationship, including actions of the Arvigo S.r.l. for the recovery of its credits, will be the Court of Genova.
The supply relationship shall be in any case ruled by the Italian law

13. Provisions on personal data processing as per L.D. n. 196/2003

Arvigo S.r.l., with registered headoffice in Genova - Via G.B.D’Albertis 87R – will process data relating to the Customer in electronic and / or manual form, according to legal and correctness principle in compliance with L.D. n°196/2003.
Data can be used by Arvigo Srl, directly or through third parties, as its trusted service performers exclusively to fulfill legal obligations, including accounting and tax-related ones, as well as undertaken contract obligations.
Pursuant to Art. N°7 of L.D. 196/2003 the Customer has the right , among other, to know its processed personal data as well as to require integration, change or cancellation of the same by addressing to Arvigo Srl at